Rice Cooker Reviews

Aroma Professional plus Rice Cooker

aroma rice cooker white

Who doesn’t crave for getting perfectly cooked rice? “That’s why you need a perfect brand rice cooker, right?” Aroma Professional plus Rice Cooker has ultimately won the trust of the consumers for having top most quality. This professional rice cooker brand has made your cooking experience far better than other cooking accessories. If you have … Read more

Best Rice Cooker Brand to Buy

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A rice cooker is immensely a great cooking assistant for every busy folks. That’s why most people thrive for having the best rice cooker brands to buy. There are varieties of each and every individual rice cooker brand. Some own special setting options to utilize their advanced features. On the contrary, some have only a … Read more

Aroma Rice Cookers

aroma rice cooker arc 914

The Aroma ARC Rice Cooker is an excellent and affordable option with over 10,000 Amazon reviews giving it an average 4 star rating. This is also a very affordable and versatile rice cooker that offers up the ability to make white rice, brown rice, soups, roasts, quinoa, chili, oatmeal and more. It also has a … Read more

Hamilton Beach vs Aroma Rice Cooker – Best Affordable Rice Cookers

Hamilton Beach vs Aroma ARC Rice Cooker

We’ve already reviewed some higher end rice cookers for those who demand excellence and perfection from their rice cookers. But what if you’re on a budget and just want something to get the job done quickly without breaking the bank. Well both Aroma and Hamilton Beach offer solid rice cookers at affordable prices (less than … Read more