3 Most Popular Rice Cooker Recipes

rice cooker chili

When it comes to your kitchen, a lot of appliances can serve multiple uses. Your rice cooker/ grain steamer is yet another appliance that can be used to create a variety of delicious meals, not just rice. While many of these appliances today are electric, there is a bit of a past to this convenient product. … Read more

Dryad’s Saddle Mushroom over Rice – Recipe


The Dryad’s saddle or Cerioporus squamosus, formerly known as Polyporus squamosus, are a mushroom with a beautiful pattern on the top of their cap that looks something like pheasant feathers, a visual example of their other common name: “Pheasant Back”.  You could think of them as a cousin to the chicken of the woods and hen … Read more

10 Simple Rice Cooker Recipes

two ingredient pancakes

If you thought that you were limited to only making rice in a rice cooker, then you’re missing out! These super easy-to-operate and handy machines can make more than just fluffy and flavorful rice; many are capable of making entire meals. Perfect for when you want to make something for you or the whole family and don’t necessarily … Read more