Pampered Chef Microwave Rice Cooker

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Cooking rice on the stove top is certainly doable but not easy. Cooking rice evenly, as in no burnt edges while having soggy grains on the inside and consistently time after time is no small feat.

It takes a lot of trial and error, time, and attention. Time and attention that could be better spent elsewhere.

This is why I’ve invested in a rice cooker.  We’ve reviewed some excellent rice cookers that cook fluffy, moist, flavorful and evenly textured rice every single time in about 40 minutes.

But that may be too long for some people. What if you didn’t start making the rice until you were already making dinner? Now you have to wait 30+ minutes? Maybe not. Enter the Pampered Chef.

This microwave oven cooker is designed to cook your rice in under 15 minutes. And it makes a whole lot more than rice. People use it to make lava cakes, soups, gravy, pasta etc.

The Pampered Chef microwave rice cooker is currently unavailable. Several high-rated alternative microwave rice cookers are available from retailers including Amazon below.

Microwave Rice Cookers vs Electric Rice Cookers

You’ll note that the internet is filled with people trying to figure out how best to use these microwave rice cookers. They are certainly not fool proof like other rice cookers and require careful measuring of water to rice ratios as well as precise time and temperature settings.

If you’re not careful, you will overflow the rice cooker and perhaps burn your rice as well. Basically, you’ll have to experiment a bit yourself making different foods and varieties of rice to see which settings work best, which kinds of defeats the purpose of a rice cooker but I digress.

Bottom line, these are highly affordable items for people who just want to get the job done. We’ve reviewed some other affordable rice cookers here by the way.

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Pampered Chef Microwave Rice Cooker

Pampered Chef Microwave Cooker
Pampered Chef (2 qt.)

This may be the most popular microwave rice cooker on the market and it actually has really good ratings on Amazon at 4.5 stars.

Design: It couldn’t be simpler. It has a plastic body but Pampered Chef has assured consumers that their products are BPA free. It also has a breathable lid and since the entire unit is constructed in plastic and non electric, it’s dishwasher safe.

Capacity: The Pampered Chef Rice Cooker comes in either 2 or 3 quart capacities, which should be suitable for a small family.

Speed: After all, thats part of the appeal of a microwave rice cooker right? t can make rice in about 25 minutes; about 10-25 minutes faster than most other rice cookers.

Bottom line, if you want to try a very budget friendly option that is easy to clean and will get the job done in under the 30 minutes, give the Pampered Chef Rice Cooker a try.

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