Best Rice Cooker Brand to Buy

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A rice cooker is immensely a great cooking assistant for every busy folks. That’s why most people thrive for having the best rice cooker brands to buy.

There are varieties of each and every individual rice cooker brand. Some own special setting options to utilize their advanced features. On the contrary, some have only a simple on/off setting.

Now, the most concerning fact is to decide the perfect brand for the best rice cooking. Each product is best in their respective quality and feature. Naturally, it’s a bit of confusing to choose the right one.

In this article, we are going to give you the actionable ideas about the top rice cooker brands for buying purpose. You will know the ultimate features and how the accessories work.

Top 5 Best Rice Cooker Brands with Descriptions:

There is plenty of rice cookers fully loaded on the market. Confusion must blow on your mind asking about what is the best rice cooker actually?

You will get a lot of brand on the market. Among them, we have made effective lists of the best rice cooker to buyFollowing list is given here for your caring concern.

  1. Zojirushi
  2. Cuckoo
  3. Tiger
  4. Aroma Housewares
  5. Aroma Professional

Here, we would like to present some of the most common features of each rice cooker category.

1. Zojirushi Rice Cooker:

If you want to have the best grade food equipment, Zojirushi is there for suiting your needs. These cookers are made in Japan. This best Japanese rice cooker is worth for preparing foods with delicious taste.

It requires a bit of high budget but receiving the maximum positive reviews from the customers as well. In this section, we have highlighted some of the noticeable features and their benefits of this exceptionally popular rice cooker brand.

Features and benefits:

You will come to know about the Zojirushi features and their useful application with advantages.

Keep warm Mode: Nowadays this impeccable feature is found on the most of the rice cookers. But Zojirushi is the first one to make the world introduce with this top-notch feature.

You can apprehend the importance of keep warm functions when you start failing to adjust between the work schedule and the cooking time. Of course, you won’t love to have rice without fresh and fluffy texture after a long tiring day, right?

This function is ready to deliver fresh and warm rice whenever you want. It works remarkably by automatically switching to the warm mode and prepares fluffy and hot rice.

If you want to re heat the due meals, this feature eventually helps in doing so. The keep-warm mode is capable of preventing the bacterial growth.

This is good enough to keep the rice warm up to 24 hours. This is highly suitable for mitigating possible food poisoning issues.

Computerized Fuzzy Logic System: In Zojirushi brand, this advanced feature is a praiseworthy addition indeed. With this high end feature, this Japanese rice cooker reaches on the top class brand. Compared to the other regular brand, it is exceptional in this case.

The mathematical programming works great to maintain a good adjustment in the cooking time and temperature. This latest technology prevents rice from getting excessively burned or over cooked.

Moreover, the fuzzy logic technology is there to immensely support to cook different kinds of dishes such as oatmeal, sea food, chicken recipes or brown rice or sushi rice or white rice.

Induction heating technology:

In general, most of the rice cookers use the electric plate to produce heat to be applied. On the other hand, induction heating is the process of generating heat from electric current.

This technology is far better compare to the other conventional rice cooker model.  It has the ultimate capacity to heat the consisting pan and produce well-cooked rice.

A Zojirushi rice cooker is simply the best for this part. These kinds of cookers are capable of making spontaneous adjustments. Through this, you can efficiently cope with the temperature, power as well as the cooking time.

MICOM Technology: Another name of MICOM is micro computer chip technology. It aims to upgrade the ultimate the functionality and increase the versatility of the cooker. It highly introduces the total menu setting to the consumers.

Handling the cooking time and temperature is one of the major works of this advanced feature. With this technology, you need not to monitor the cooking constantly.

Again it is programmable for including both of the soaking and steaming.

Power cord: This is another innovative feature of the Zojirushi rice cooker. In most Zojirushi brands, you will get this retractable feature. The unit runs well without any interruption.

2. Cuckoo Electric Rice Cooker:

Electric rice cookers have plenty of benefits to use. They are popular for energy saving capacity and of course for multi type usage. Cuckoo makes the best Korean rice cookers brand that will definitely make you enjoy those versatile advantages what you are longing for.

This popular Korean brand manufactured their cookers with high-grade aluminum bowl. That’s why it quickly prepares all sorts of foods with different tastes in no time.

Feature and benefits:

Cuckoo cookers have been earning the trust of the consumers for years. Here are the features; you are supposed to look for once.

Size: Size is an essential fact while you are thinking to use a rice cooker. Cuckoo has ultimately had the capacity of cooking rice from small to large family. These brands are also perfect for offering best mini rice cooker.

In fact, this is suitable to fit in any kitchen. These cookers are useful and you will get different size on the marketplace based on your requirements.

Design: These electric cookers are made with solid design. Most of the cooking pot of the rice cooker of it is Teflon coated. This feature consistently produces non-stick properties to get comfortable with.

Again, the inner container is associated with a flat bottom. This is perfect for GABA rice preparation.

Moreover, you will get cookers in variety colors to choose from. Couple of different cooking menu setting has been injected here that cuts of your worries while cooking rice.

Versatile cooker: Are you worried for cooking so many food items? In this case, I am going to assure you guys. Cuckoo electric cookers are absolutely brilliant and work with versatility.

These are one of the best rice cookers for brown rice, white rice and sushi rice. As it is capable of producing both brown and white rice as fast as possible compared to other conventional cookers.

Multiple dishes such as vegetables, soups, porridge, chicken recipes, oatmeal etc. you can cook with this renowned brand cooker. Mainly it maintains the good textures and flavor of the rice properly.

Keep warm functions:

Like other cookers, Cuckoo electric cookers also have this essential feature. Eventually, you can make the best use of this function when you are late at returning home out of work pressure.

When finished cooking, it automatically switches on to the keep warm mode and start warming rice. Thus, you can get fresh and hot rice for the extended period of time.

Nevertheless, it prevents harmful bacterial growth and presents fluffy rice before all. Again, it prevents over cooking.

Clean up service: Cleaning is the most important factor to keep the kitchen environment safe and harmless. The removable inner cooking container allows a user to wash it separately.

Again, Non-stick pan won’t produce any kind of stickiness in rice. That’s how it is possible in maintaining quick cleaning with the cuckoo.

LCD Control: This is another impeccable feature of the Cuckoo electric cooker. Through this function, you can clearly view the cooking without touching the lid.

Warranty service:

Cuckoo provides minimum 1 year of warranty. With it, you can easily exchange any kind of defective parts within the limited time.

Other benefits: Plenty of benefits are waiting for you to welcome when you start using Cuckoo rice cooker. The food you want to cook for your beloved family or friends will keep the flavor and smell.

In fact, healthy and tasty food you can have using this electric gadget. Moreover, varieties Cuckoo cookers recipes can help you cook so many delicious dishes as well.

Hence, chances are very much to add particular seasoning to make the recipes special with cuckoo. For this reason, the dishes turn out to be tasty and healthy for sure.

With the excellent menu setting feature, you can effectively set the time to cook food. The best thing you can have using this cooker is electricity consuming fact.

While the top rice cooker brands were easy to choose there’s always some that don’t make a short list. One brand that fits that bill is Black and Decker. The American consumer appliance brand makes simple, well-loved rice cookers, too.

3. Tiger Rice Cooker:

Tiger is another best rice cooker to buy for its top rated customer’s positive review. It makes the total cooking process simple and time saving.

There are number of flexible options to use. Just pushing your desired button, you can make the well-cooked rice. In this section, we are going to highlight the top-notch feature of the tiger cookers.

Feature and benefits:

Tiger rice cookers have been roaring on the industry for the outstanding technology-oriented features. That’s why it earns plenty of positive reviews and ratings. Let’s look at the features and the advantages.

Automatic features: For every busy folks, fully automated features are much needed fact to have in a rice cooker. Tiger cookers are fully designed with automated manufacturing technology.

This is why; you no longer have to constantly check the status of the rice. The microchip controller programming function deals with the overall cooking till it is completed successfully.

Induction heating technology: This is a popular technology of rice cooker. Tiger cooker is not exception in that too. Through this advanced feature, you can successfully manage the heat that is required to have well prepared rice.

In fact, it ensures the ultimate temperature and you have the full authority to manage how much heat you prefer to apply in cooking rice.

As we have mentioned earlier that heats get produced with the changing electric current from these kinds of latest technology based cookers.

It confirms the genuine heat distribution to the inner pot. This is the reason; the more evenly well-prepared rice can be produced with the Tiger rice cookers.

There’s an ongoing debate whether to buy a Tiger rice cooker vs a Zojirushi – both top Japanese rice cooker brands.

Cleaning service: The manufacturers apply the systematic technology that is beneficial in finishing cleaning tasks successfully. The majority of the parts of the cooker are user-friendly and removable. So, it’s very easy to clean.

Look at the inner lid of this cooker brand. It is detachable and that’s why it allows easy cleaning. Again, the cooking container is round shaped. It is suitable for getting the entire remnant easily in your hand.

Dynamic functions and multiple use:

Tiger cookers are also the best for the versatile usage. It not only allows better rice cooking but also helpful for preparing other delicious dishes too.

Using this cooker, you can cook soups, pasta, oatmeal’s, chicken recipes, and cake. Also, white, rice, brown rice, sushi rice, porridge etc. tasty rice preparation is supposedly allowed in it.

For the multiple using capacities, it injects so many different programs in it. All just you need to do is to press your desired button. Then leave all of the work to cooker.

LCD Screen: It features with a LCD screen. This innovative and useful feature is allowed for easy monitoring of the cooking. Without removing the inner lid, this excellent functional program makes you enable to view the continuous cooking activities.

Keep warm functions: Like other cookers, Tiger cookers also own this essential feature. Eventually, you can make the best use of this function when you are late at returning home out of work pressure.

When finished cooking, it automatically switches on to the keep warm mode and start warming rice. Thus, you can get fresh and hot rice for the extended period of time.

Nevertheless, it prevents harmful bacterial growth and presents fluffy rice before all. Again, it prevents over cooking.

TA-COOK system: The best thing about the Tiger cooker is the “TA COOK” system. These systematic functions allow you to prepare two different food menus at a time.

That’s who it is effective and time saving too. For every busy individual, time is priceless. In fact, these brands cookers are just like a blessing them.

4. Aroma Housewares Cooker:

When you come to choose the best rice cooker brand for buy, Aroma Housewares cooker are exceptionally professional in enjoying a lovely cooking experience. Because of having highly technological feature, Aroma cooker are one of the most popular brands in the industry.

Of course, you need a cooker that has versatile appliances with number of convenient features as well. These brand cookers meet the requirements of you perfectly. Let’s check out those major features what have made it worth to use.

Capacity: No matter whether you have a large or small family, Aroma Housewares cookers are suitable for convenient use up to 20 cups of cooking rice capacity. You can manage your guests nicely without any concern.

Moreover, it can complete preparing even cooked rice. The texture and flavor will keep going good for sure. Unless you are overloading the cooker, it will make you have fresh and fluffy rice as usual.

Sensor technology: As we have mentioned earlier that Aroma rice cookers have been manufactured with advanced technology. In this segment of the content, we are going to discuss about it.

Sensor technology makes you sense the temperature’s up and down. This will enable you to raise or lower the heat as per the requirement.

The benefits you will get from this feature are the well-prepare rice. There are no chance for the rice to get sticker or mushy for irregular heat management issues. Again, you won’t have to constantly check the rice when you are using this technology.

Other accessories: Apart from all of the unique features, Aroma Housewares features other useful accessories as well. A steam tray, spatula, rice measuring cup, soup ladle etc. are being added with the cooker.

Multi-functional device:

The best thing about the Aroma Housewares cookers is it’s variety of usage. Let alone white rice, it is equally perfect for cooking, hard grain rice, soft grain rice, brown rice or Sushi rice etc.

As different setting are there for the preparation of different menus, it is very easy to use. Besides rice, you can steam vegetables or cook meat, fishes, stews or chilies, soups, cake etc. using this multi-functional cooker.

Auto warm menu: Keeping warm mode is definitely a good addition for every perfect cooker. When you are busy and fail to take care of the rice, this function automatically goes to the keeping warm mode.

That’s how; you can have perfectly warm rice for long time. When needed, you can re heat it.

Time saver: Aroma house-ware cookers are eligible for saving your precious time. It has a “Quick Rice” function that cuts off the extra cooking time.

Besides, there are other menus as well associated with the cooker. This is perfect for saving time as it properly manages the temperature and distributes it equally.

Digital timer: This is another wonderful feature of this modern brand cooker. The exact cooking time is being displayed in it clearly.

You can set the timer and leave other task to the cooker it’s self. Using the automated features, it will complete the rest of the work of cooking rice.

When finished, it will let you know about that with through the digital timer.

5. Aroma professional Rice Cooker:

Aroma professional plus rice cookers are one of the most renowned cooking appliances in the best rice cooker reviews. If you are looking for the design, programmable functions with standard quality, this professional cooker is there to suit your needs.

This is a product that provides great value for the money too. The mesmerizing fact is its design and shape. It has a stunning look with no bad smell from inside. Below are the other quality features it has.

Size: Size is an important factor for every professional rice cooker. It determines the rice cooking capacity. There are small, medium or large size Aroma professional cookers for dealing with family members or guests as well.

Heating technology: Latest sensor technology has been incorporate in the cooker. In general, a microchip can manage the temperature of the cooker. Mostly it depends on the item you are cooking.

Actually, it keeps variance with the food menus and their requirements. This can offer you the well-prepared rice on time.

Another interesting and unique technology of the Aroma professional plus rice cooker is the Saute-Then-Simmer technology. The best use of this function is to apply the high heat when needed.

Design: Attractive and stunning oblong design is a creative feature for the users to look at. The ultimate application of the stainless steel exterior makes it more worthy to use.

In fact, the manufactures mostly used traditional design. Still, adding the stainless steel makes it look fabulous that is eye-catchy indeed. The buttons are being organized in order for convenient use.

Auto warm menu:

Keeping warm mode is definitely a good addition for every perfect cooker. When you are busy and fail to take care of the rice, this function automatically goes to the keeping warm mode.

That’s how; you can have perfectly warm rice for long time. When needed, you can re-heat it.

Multi-functional use: All of the programmable functions are set up nicely for easy use. Mainly, it depends on the menu choices you like for cooking. It has the ability to cook multi types of dishes such as vegetables, oatmeal’s, soups etc.

Again all kinds of grains are perfectly cooks with this cooker as faster as possible.

Clean-up tasks: Maintaining cleanliness on your kitchen is a crucial fact. These cookers allow easy cleaning as it has removable equipment’s with it. This enables appropriate hand washing.

If you want to use dishwasher, you can safely use that. Moreover, the inner cooking pot is detachable. That’s why it is very easy to clean.

Price and warranty: Aroma professional plus rice cookers made the cooker affordable to buy. While you are going for buying this appliance, it has a reasonable range to buy. To know more, you can check rice cooker lowest price online.

Again, there is minimum one year of warranty as well. You need not to carry out extra costs when some technical problem arises. Aroma Company won’t let you face any hassle with it.

Other useful equipment’s: When it comes to talk about using other essential accessories, it includes a steaming tray, spatula, rice measuring cup along with it.

How to choose a best rice cooker:

There are plenty of rice cooker models you will get in various best rice cooker reviews. There are different sized rice cooker in the marketplace too. Best small rice cooker is also the ultimate choice of every consumer.

But, there are some easy ways to determine the best rice cookers brand to buy. Let’s look at those comprehensive ideas to detect the high quality of the quality brands.

Size: There are different sizes rice cookers in the world. If you own a small family, best small rice cookers should be your priority. For large families, you can look for large capacity cookers.

Aroma, Zojirushi, Tiger or other professional cookers have a variety of sizes from 6 to 20 cups of cooking capacity.

Find out a removable inner lid: In every best mini rice cookers, you should look for this quality. This is better for wiping out the cooking appliance when it is filled with spills.

Any cooking gadget like this is the best for having an easy solution to clean the kitchen equipment’s.

Space saving quality: Look for the cookers which can save your kitchen space. Usually, rice cookers never consume a lot of space of your kitchen. A multi-functional cooker is everyone’s first priority I know.

But, too much heavy cookers are not portable. On the other hand, you can keep the other equipment’s on the due space for safe use.

Easy cleaning: The cooking equipment’s should have easier cleaning facilities. Whatever the price is, you should choose a cooker that has a nonstick insert. This makes simple ways to wash the lids, bowls or other accessories easily.

Also look for dishwasher safe features. Moreover, stainless steel cookers also last for long. But these seem a bit of tough to clean.

The convenient auto warm mode:

This function is must to look for in the best rice cooker brands to buy. You need not to give any constant attention to the cooker when you have this setting on it.

It ensures that you will get warm rice always even if you are not in your home on time. Rather, it saves your rice from overcooking. If you are not ready to eat rice right now, you can conveniently use this feature to get warm rice later.

Digital programs: Rice cookers with digital controls are the best for use. The programmable functions have a lot of benefits to apply. The timer can be apply to fix the time. You can use them and cook different kind of tasty dishes as well.

In general, basic cooking appliances have single touch mechanism. Other best models will have programmable functions. You should choose a cooker that can be used for multi purposes.

Let alone cooking rice, you can reap the remarkable usage by preparing other dishes such as soups, oatmeal’s, vegetable steaming, stews, chicken recipes, pasta etc.

Moreover, white rice, brown rice, sushi rice etc. can easily be cooked with the latest digital functions of the best brand cooker.

Easy gripping: The other surface of the rice cookers should be cool enough. It’s very awful when you burn your hand of a single touch on the cooker’s surface.

Heating technology:

Every best cooker has the advanced technology-oriented parts. So, look for the perfect heating technology. The best technologies such as induction heating, TACOOK, Fuzzy logic features have been manufactured on the mentioned best rice cookers brand to buy.

Conclusion: Finally, you have come to know about the best rice cooker brands to buy. We have described about the importance of choosing the right one for the most convenient use. The mentioned cooker brands are really good and easy to use.

The dynamic technologies are best indeed. Fresh and fluffy rice are everyone’s desire to have. If you have one of these brands cookers, the cooking activities might get easier for you to handle.

Even when you are outside, you can leave the rest of the cooking task to these useful cookers for happy cooking life.

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