Why Zojirushi Rice Cookers Are the Best

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Have you ever seen those cute little appliances with the elephant on the front? Chances are you’ve been to a friend’s house and seen the little container with the electrical plug sitting on the counter.

Did you ever wonder what it was for? What you were seeing was a Zojirushi, a classic grain steamer that allows you to easily cook rice as well as a number of other varieties of foods. You don’t just have to cook grains — one can cook quinoa, make soup, and more.

As far as Japanese rice goes, preferences are for either the Zojirushi or Tiger brand rice cookers.

A Brief History of Zojirushi Appliances

The Zojirushi Corporation is an established company based in Japan, the origin of grain appliances. This multinational manufacturer is responsible for many other products that people use in everyday life as well, including electric kettles.

Founded in Osaka in 1918, the company was actually first named the Ichikawa Brothers Trading Company. However, the company name was changed thirty years later to the name Kyowa Manufacturing Company.

The title was finally changed once more in 1961 to the name it holds today. That is also when the company made the decision to adopt a cute little elephant as its corporate logo. In fact, the name of the company literally means elephant mark, so it was a good mascot choice to say the least.

One of  Zojirushi Popular Rice Cookers

Zojirushi Corporation is now one of the largest producers of rice makers in the world. These warmers can help you make the perfect bowl of grains with the touch of a button.

Zojirushi creates reliable products that will stand the test of time. Many customers have owned their warmers for several decades and are still using them.

Produce a wonderful bowl of grains every time with an automated process that allows you to effectively ‘set it and forget it’ as well as actively change the way they are cooking in order to get the best result.

A formidable lineup of and cookers and steamers span the company website. Their smart steamers can actually sense what the temperature is using their thermal sensors and will adjust their cooking to achieve the desired result.

Even the simple products with designs on the side are beautiful, such as the calm white and sensible tan coloring of the Automatic version (NS-RNC10).

With a lock tight lid, cool touch body, durable and non-stick inner cooking pan and retractable power cord as well as a fancy side condensation collector, this Zojirushi model in one of its most simple forms is still a sophisticated piece of machinery you need in your kitchen.

Zojirushi has a appliance in every size you could ever need. Small is good for one to two people, while families may want the larger, 8 cup models.

With so many capable and reliable models on the market, and an impeccable sensor and timing system installed on each one, it’s easy to see why steamers from the company are so popular.

Research above to see what Zojirushi has available. We’re sure at least one will be the perfect fit for your kitchen.


New Features Included in Most Zojirushi Rice Cookers

Zojirushi rice cookers have become increasingly popular in recent years because of their sturdiness and advanced set of features that make cooking rice easier and even more convenient than before.

Rice lovers around the country are breathing a collective sigh of relief because they now have access to rice cookers that are efficient and smart at the same time! Zojirushi rice cookers are also incredibly beautiful with their stainless steel, capsule-shaped bodies and sturdy, see-through glass lids.

Check out these advanced features that are commonly found in most Zojirushi rice cookers available in the market:

1 – Fuzzy Logic Technology – Built-in fuzzy logic technology ensures a perfect batch of perfectly cooked rice each and every time.

Fuzzy logic permeates the entire line of newer Zojirushi rice cookers; it ensures that you will never under-cook or burn any type of rice because the rice cooker measures the different cooking factors (like heat) for you.

Older, conventional rice cookers only make use of mechanical heat sensors which may not always be adequate for cooking specialty rice types like brown rice and sushi rice.


2 – Perfectly Warm Every Time – Contrary to common belief, Zojirushi is not a new player in the rice cooker market. The company that makes this line of rice cookers was actually the first manufacturer to openly commercialize rice cooker models with the “keep warm” functionality.

Other manufacturers, sensing the extreme value of this feature, followed suit quickly.

The “keep warm” function is essential for individuals who want to just sit down and eat when they finally come back from work. If you like the idea of treating yourself to steaming plate of brown rice after work, let your Zojirushi rice cooker keep your brown rice tender, moist and warm until you get back home.

3 – Power Safety and Convenience – The power cable included with Zojirushi rice cookers are all retractable which means you can safely store the cable after you’re done cooking. No more messy wires and pulled cables! Your power cable stays on and stores away in a matter of seconds.

4 – MICOM Technology – MICOM technology is the hallmark feature of new Zojirushi rice cookers. “MICOM” stands for “microcomputer”. Your rice cooker now has an independently thinking brain in the form of a super microchip!

MICOM technology was recently included in new Zojirushi rice cookers to accommodate the growing market of serious rice connoisseurs who experiment with a wide variety of rice types, not just white rice and brown rice.

The ultra-smart chip analyzes various measurable factors such as rice temperature and cooking temperature. These factors are then automatically adjusted to ensure that you will get a perfectly cooked batch of rice regardless of the rice variety you choose to cook.

Again, older rice cookers only make use of a mechanical heat-sensing device to turn off the heating plate or heating coil that is responsible for all the cooking.

MICOM technology effectively segments the cooking process so it can make subtle adjustments during the pre-soak phase, main cooking phase and steaming phase.

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