Two Ingredient Pancakes – Rice Cooker Recipes

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rice cooker pancake complete

Pancakes, who doesn’t love them? This classic breakfast is already pretty simple to make, but did you know that they can be made even simpler? No more excuses for being too lazy to cook. With this simple hack, all you need is two ingredients and a rice cooker!

Your rice cooker has a ton of different applications and can be used to make everything from cake to chili stew, er…rice, and yes, moist, fluffy and delicious pancakes.

You can simply load up your rice cooker with ingredients and let it take care of the rest. Really simple 3 step process:


  • -2 eggs
  • -1.5 bananas
  • -Optional: chocolate, blueberries, strawberries, cinnamon or other garnishes

Preparation: 5 minutes || Cook Time: 40 minutes.

Step 1: Grease the rice cooker pot. Then add your pancake mix, eggs, and banana into the rice cooker pot and mash together with a fork, stirring the ingredients until you have a smooth and even mix.

rice cooker pancake pot

Step 2: Hit start on the cooker and in 35-40 minutes (depending on the rice cooker model), the cooking process will complete.

rice cooker outside

Note: Be sure not to fill the lid too high and make sure that the pancake is fully cooked through by poking the top with a toothpick.

Step 3: Flip the rice pot over onto a serving plate

rice cooker outcome

Wait for it…

Voila! As you can see, you’ll get a rather thick and fluffy pancake that should easily accommodate two people!

Optional: Garnish with additional fruits and toppings.

Style to taste! We topped this pancake off with a smooth layer of chocolate, but you can also use blueberries or other garnishes. Enjoy!

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