How To Store and Preserve Rice

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If we open the pantry of any home, we would surely find at least one package of rice. One of the advantages, which has made rice a basic ingredient, is that it is well preserved for a long time, both dry and cooked. But sometimes we make mistakes that could spoil it.

How do you store and rice correctly? How long does it hold cooked? Take good note and you will never have to regret ever wasting rice at home.

How rice is treated in the factory

Rice is a cereal that grows in large outdoor plantations and goes through a three-phase life cycle. It all starts in the field, where farmers prepare the land and grow the plant from the seed. When ready, it is harvested and moved to the production plants. It is there that the cereal receives the appropriate treatments so that it is optimal for consumption.

Like all natural products, rice is sensitive to external agents, which is why the factory guarantees maximum cleaning in a controlled dry atmosphere. The cereal is cleaned of dirt, dried and husked. Finally, it is subjected to a completely natural disinsection process, before being packed in 100% natural recyclable paper packages, which allow to regulate adequate constant humidity.

How to keep rice at home

Although dry rice can go months and years without spoiling, all factory care will do no good if we do not follow proper guidelines at home. Have you ever found bugs in your pantry? Have you wasted the leftovers of that delicious recipe that worked out so well? Your suffering is over, follow these tips and you will always enjoy perfect rice.

How to preserve dry rice

Dry rice can last many months without losing its quality, about 18. And up to 24 in some varieties. Why then do small bugs sometimes appear? They are called rice weevils, insects that eat typical pantry foods, such as cereals and flours, that can contaminate rice when stored together. They occur especially in summer, since they like heat and humidity. If any specimen appears, the product must be discarded and the cabinet thoroughly cleaned, emptied and using a household insecticide.

To keep critters away, it’s best to keep your pantry clean and organized and all ingredients stored in airtight containers made of hard plastic or glass. The rice will not only be well-stored in a dry, clean, fresh space, it will also be easy to tell how much you have on hand.

Another important thing to be careful of is heat. Rice should be stored at room temperature or cooler. On hot summer days you may consider moving your stored rice into the refrigerator if it is warm inside your home. And, of course, avoid moisture at all costs. Moisture is what will make your rice spoil prematurely.

The best storage containers to keep your food fresh

One of the worst situations for a kitchen lover is the disorder and the poor storage of food, because, in addition to causing a very unpleasant environment in the place, it can cause money losses, since the food is spoiled or is contaminated with bacteria.

For this reason, we show you the best containers with which you will maintain order in your kitchen, giving it a clean and organized appearance, these dishes will also keep your food fresh and away from harmful agents that spoil the food and cause intestinal diseases.

Rice Storage Tips

Before purchasing a rice storage container, do consider where you’ll be keeping the rice. Will it be on your kitchen counter top? Will it always be in view to your family and guests? Do you have multiple rice varieties and need more than one container?

Here are a few other tips for storing your rice at home:

  • Kitchen and counter-top rice storage containers that are clear will help you know how much rice you have on hand at a glance.
  • Any plastic rice storage container should be BPA-free, as should any other kitchen storage container.
  • Some containers come with a rice measuring scoop attached. It may seem trivial, but having an all-in-one solution is convenient.

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